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MODE IT stands for the Erasmus+ project „Curricular modernization by implementing MOOCs model”. Five MODE IT partners from Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal, and Romania jointly seek to introduce innovative MOOC-based approaches to the design and delivery of higher education courses. In other words, open online formats will be integrated into formal education towards making it more flexible and attractive for students.

This innovative MODE IT approach should contribute to:

  • Raising awareness of open learning formats by students for their future self-development;
  • Taking responsibility of own learning by students;
  • Increasing the ability to self-regulated and personalized learning.

The main innovation drivers of MODE IT approach are academic staff! Therefore,

MODE IT specific objectives are:

  • To create awareness of professional (self)-development amongst academic staff;
  • To enhance skills of academic staff in the design and delivery of MOOCs and MOOC-based curricula;
  • To create and deliver MOOC-based subjects within selected higher education curricula.

MODE IT expected outputs:

  • Online self-assessment tool
  • Open online training program
  • MOOC-based higher education curricula
Download MODE IT flyer (English)Download MODE IT flyer (German)Download MODE IT flyer (Lithuanian)
Download MODE IT flyer (Portuguese)Download MODE IT flyer (Romanian)Download MODE IT flyer (Turkish)

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