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Online Self-Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool is expected to support academic staff when identifying their individual needs for the design and delivery of MOOC-based teaching and learning scenarios. When completing this tool, the current level of didactical and digital skills will be explored, the areas for skills improvements will be detected, and related suggestions for improvement will be displayed. In this manner, the responsibility of teachers for their own professional development will be fostered, too.

The tool includes 27 competencies from the domains Pedagogy and Technology identified by MODE IT experts as the most relevant for the creation and delivery of MOOCs. These competencies were also verified by participants in 5 focus groups consisting of academic staff and instructional designers from partner institutions in Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, and Romania.

The 27 competencies are organized into 5 competency areas as follows:

AREA 1: Pedagogical competences for designing student-centered learning;

AREA 2: MOOCs specific competences;

AREA 3: Technology-related competences;

AREA 4: Competences related to the theoretical foundations of MOOCs;

AREA 5: Competences about integration of MOOCs into formal learning.

Currently the self-assessment tool is being piloted by HEI staff from MODE IT partner institutions. After the piloting phase and implementing (where applicable) improvements, this tool will be accessible for free to wider academic community and can be used at any stage of the professional career.
The final version of the self-assessment tool is expected to be released by the end of May 2021.

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