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Open Online Training Program

The Open Online Training Program aims to enable HEI teachers to develop and deliver MOOCs as well as to integrate MOOCs into formal curricula in a didactically sound manner. With this training, academic staff in Europe and beyond will receive an unique opportunity to grow towards a MOOC designer.

The training consists of 5 stand-alone modules covering different aspects of MOOCs. The production of each module was led by a designated MODE IT partner institution who had the appropriate expertise in that specific field, as follows:

Module 1: Foundation of online learning (lead KTU)

Module 2: MOOC Course Design (lead AU)

Module 3: MOOC Content Production (lead UPT)

Module 4: MOOC delivery (lead IPP)

Module 5: MOOC in formal learning (lead FHM).

The program itself is designed as a MOOC in English language and embedded in LMS Moodle of the partner KTU https://open.ktu.edu/. Hence, the delivery strategy of the program will also contribute to a better understanding of how a MOOC is designed and delivered.

Each module has a workload of approx. 12 hours and is expected to be completed during 2 weeks. Each module consists of several short learning videos, supplementary learning materials (usually written texts enriched with links to further sources), quizzes for self-assessment, and assignment which is supposed to be evaluated by peers.

For those who are interested in completing the entire training, the final project work is envisaged, too. Hereby participants can create their small-scale MOOC, based on the skills and competences obtained from the training.

On May 24, 2021, the Open Online Training Program was launched. More than 100 pilot participants from the participating MODE IT institutions have registered for the training. The pilot testing of the program will run until the end of July, whilst the final project work is expected to be delivered by the end of September 2021.

After the evaluation of the results of the pilot testing and implementation of possible improvements, the training will be made available for free to wider academic audience in Europe and beyond.

The contents of the training program are closely linked to the competences listed in the self-assessment tool. This means in practice, teachers, based on the self-assessment results, will be recommended to either take separate modules of the training, or to complete the entire program in order to improve concrete skills and competences.

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