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Intellectual Output 3: MOOC-based curricula

This output was considered a practical realization of MODE IT approach related to embedding MOOC into HEI curricula.

15 pilot teachers (in particular, those who completed selected modules of the IO2 of the project MODE IT training program) from 5 MODE IT partner institutions participated in these exciting pedagogical experiments. 13 formal curricula and 11 modules within those curricula were analysed and selected for the redesign. Within the 11 modules, 11 topics were identified, which were redesigned to MOOCs using open pedagogies.

In total, 11 MOOCs in native languages were created. Just to name a few:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ethics in Scientific Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Web Graphics Development
  • Game design.

In total, 506 HEI students took part in the piloting of the MOOCs. 244 of them successfully completed them reaching the completion rate of 48% - very good result bearing in mind the average global MOOC completion rate, which is approximately 15% (Jordan, 2015).

In addition, these MOOCs were opened for non-formal learners wishing to benefit from these offerings for free in the scope of their extracurricular activities. In total, 218 non-formal learners registered for MODE IT MOOCs, 109 completed them (completion rate of 50%)!

In this manner, MODE IT also contributed to opening higher education services for all!

Interested in learning more about the MODE IT approach? Feel free to view and/or download the resource below. There you will also find the links and access data to the MOOCs developed by MODE IT partnership. You can benefit from those MOOCs completely free of charge!

IO3 Redesigned MOOC-based curricula - MODE IT approach

The pilot implementation of the redesigned MOOC-based curricula was evaluated in order to assess the effectiveness, attractiveness, innovative features and long-lasting effect of the MODE IT approach.

To this end, the MODE IT partnership led by partner Anadolu University (AU) implemented a comprehensive online survey. Each partner received an individual survey link, which was sent to pilot learners and teachers of the respective country. The structure and the contents of the survey were the same helping to ensure the comparability of the results.

In total,  225 pilot learners (among them, 136 formal and 89 non-formal learners) as well as 11 teachers participated in the survey. Click on the button below to get valuable insights into learners’ and teachers’ evaluation!

Evaluation report on pilot IO3 implementation

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